Welcome to the CLOHE European project

The European CLOHE educational project is an innovative project that is using mechanical moving toys (Automata) as a learning tool for primary students to build transversal key competences.

Mechanical moving toys (Automata) are a great way to introduce engineering, arts, sculpture, mechanics and science, by combining play and technology.

Mechanical moving toys (Automata) also offer education, ways to explore arts and game based activities around the construction and understanding of Automata.

CLOHE will motivate primary children to use multidimensional, cognitive resources to achieve learning outcomes.

The CLOHE project outcomes will allow teachers and students to build their own Automata. The resources the project will produce will include everything that will allow a teacher to make automata with their students.

An online virtual museum will be created were students will be able to show their results to their peers.

The CLOHE final workshop will take place in Istanbul on the 23rd October 2013.

You can get involved in the project and pilot by contacting us

The CLOHE starter kit for schools (contact us)

Examples of the 100 videos showing how Automata work:

Case Studies